My first Sakura!


Today I went to Kinshicho because I have to do a presentation about Dagashi for my Japanese class. The store was in front of the station, but when I approached, I saw a Sakura in the park that is nearby, so I runned there to take some pics. It is the first cherry blossom that I see in real life. Actually, when I was it I didn´t know it was a cherry blossom, I though it was a plum blossom as I couldn’t differenciate them. But after posting the pics in the SNS, I realized it was, in fact, a cherry blossom. My first cherry blossom!

And, coming back to the main topic, I went to Kinshicho looking for a store where I could find traditional Japanese candies, which are called Dagashi. Dagashi are traditional japanese sweets for kids. Around 20 years ago the shops that were selling them were everywhere, but now it is difficult to find a traditional one. Indeed, the one I visited today wasn’t a traditional one, but I chose it because it has a great variety and still had the good oldies that I wanted to check. In another post I will share with you the sweets that I bought there (a ton).

And this is the first entry of my blog! I hope I have time to write and manage it. Also, I would like to write the posts not only in English but also in Spanish and Japanese, so I can continue using these languages. When I find out if it’s possible, I’ll try to do it.